8 Tips That Will Help Your Personal Brand Rock at Any Event or Corporate meeting.

8 Tips That Will Help Your Personal Brand Rock at Any Event or Corporate meeting.
Walking into a room full of people, especially strangers, is still daunting for 93% of adults whether you’re a millennial, Gen Y or Boomer. Socializing in-person is the initial step to building a network of valuable sources, resources and relationships and provides an opportunity to make contacts with people who now know and recognize you. Creating and expanding a network of connections is critical for anyone managing a career. To start; accept the invitation, RSVP “yes’ and show up.

These 8 tips will contribute to your success at any event in any room, big or small:

1.Prepare Your Self-Introduction. It’s a 7-9 second pleasantry; keyed to the event.

2. Read Name Tags. As you extend your hand and introduce yourself, use the person’s name. Name tags provide material for conversation about that person. Wear yours on the right-hand side. It’s in the line of sight of an extended handshake.

3. Reintroduce Yourself to People. They will generally respond in kind. Then no one has to struggle with forgotten names.

4. Look for people standing alone. They may be shyer than you and will welcome your conversation because you will have made them feel important.

5. Attend Events with a “Buddy.” Choose someone in a non-competitive field and cross-promote each other with great enthusiasm and respect.  “it is like travelling with your own PR person.”

6. Extricate and Circulate. We must learn to end conversations. Summarize the main thrust of your chat in a short sentence to show you were listening. “Well it was great to talk to you about….” Then move about ¼ of the room away. Find another solo or join a group. Stand on the periphery of the group and when acknowledged, step in.

7. Allow for Serendipity. It’s the unexpected bonus that happens to you because you’ve said “yes” to an opportunity to show up. And it’s the “Ya Never Know!” benefit of being in that room and my theory of coincidental marketing.

8. Detach from the Digital. Leave your tools and toys of technology out of sight or in the off or vibrate position.

BONUS Tip: Have Fun! People are attracted to others who are enjoying themselves.

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