A teaser from my book “PERSONAL INNOVATION – YOUnovate or Stagnate!

A teaser from my book “PERSONAL INNOVATION – YOUnovate or Stagnate!

(Today I want to tease you with something brief from my yet to be launched book, entitled “Personal Innovation” 

A “must read” Guide for Today’s Success Hungry Professional on how to build a Strong, Unique and Selling Persona that drives emotions, follower-ship, loyalty, credibility and Revenue.

enjoy it and leave me comments.)

We are in the Age of Personal Innovation

We all have to become innovators of our own careers and lives. Companies have always needed to innovate in order to stay relevant and competitive in their marketplace, but now so do YOU.

The skills of yesterday might not be as important in five years and the technology we use today may be obsolete next year.

WE have to constantly evolve, adapt to new realities, be accountable for OURselves and think creatively if we want to survive.

I define Personal Innovation as the ability to see new opportunities where others don’t, create new positions/careers that never existed, while undergoing continuous learning and adapting to economic change.

We have to stay educated, connected and confident despite these economic shifts and be able to come up with solutions to new problems that might not exist yet. Personal innovation is about critical thinking, problem solving and aligning your interests with the current and future market needs.

My Passion has always been about empowering you to succeed, through my personal branding coaching and Reputation Management Consultancy services. It has and will always continue to be about you.

And this is why I put together this complete guide on personal branding for the success hungry professional, my objective is to use this book to challenge you to change your mind set and start thinking of your personal brand and what you want to offer to your market in a different way and as a result drive emotions, followership, loyalty credibility, trust, likability, love, authority and above all earn a great deal of a living on your passion/ doing work you love.

You can do more if you work on your Personal Brand, be different, Stand out and shine to the world.

I believe in dreams no matter how small. This believes come from the concept of the “economy of Unscale”. Yes I know you always hear about, “economy of scale” and how good it is to be big and be able to swallow up the small guys, taking all that is there to take.

I tell you today, the tide is about to turn and has even already started. This is evidence from a series of breakthrough technologies and new business models that are making the old rule of “bigger is better” an obsolete philosophy.

By exploiting the vast (but cheap) audience afforded by the Internet, and taking advantage of a host of modular services, small becomes the new big.

The global business environment is decomposing into smaller yet more profitable markets, so businesses can no longer rely on scaling up to compete, but must instead embrace a new “economies of Unscale.”

This is same with your personal development. Think of yourself as a brand today and start to live your life as a love story. You can achieve what big corporations achieve just with your personal brand and of course at a lower operation cost.

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