Approaching life with an open and creative mindset.

Approaching life with an open and creative mindset.

This episode is all about: Approaching life with an open and creative mindset.
This world is complex and living in it requires a high level of readiness to deal with these complexities and the daily challenges that we might face.


Credits to William Shakespeare; This world is said to be a stage and all men are players or performers. We all have our exits and our entrance onto this stage. As is the case, our performance, our creativity and showmanship is what determines how the world will react towards us; either with cheers or boos.


As if thats not challenging enough, we have a very short time frame to prove our worth. to create a raving fan base, create a movement and a follower-ship and make the impact that the world needs from us.


Our approach to life: how enthused, emotionally engrossed and spirited we are into our performance on this stage,- is what will determine wether the dent as we leave it, will be short-lived or sustained till eternity.


William Shakespeare in that monologue about the world being a stage, also intimated that “each man in his time plays many parts”. Through out our life cycle we have the opportunity, the window and chance upon chance; to reinvent our selves and shine to the world.


Do not be limited in thinking about your current state and circumstances, those limiting factors inhibiting your craft, and your showmanship.


The cheers and chants of your audience can grow louder if you stayed longer on this stage, work harder to entertain your audience- think bigger about what they need and give it to them.


If only you can start thinking bigger about who you are, what you do and how you can impact the world in a unique way, the world will dance to your music and this stage will be your home.


What is your stage? what part are you playing in this theatre of a world?


Personal Innovation is about approaching your daily work and the challenges you face with an open mind and a creative, can-do attitude. It’s about seeking unconventional solutions to the problems on your plate. At work, it’s looking at everything you do and figuring out where you can do better, in less time, with fewer motions, in a way that adds value to your self and others.


Instead of looking at “being creative” as something you need to do consciously, see it as something you do unconsciously, like breathing.


“innovate” each day till you exit this theatrical stage of life.

Surelly! You will live your life as a love story.
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