Careers Pathfinder

Careers Pathfinder

This is a career development and youth empowerment membership community and service, targeted at graduates and undergraduates who are enthusiastic about professional development and self-awareness. The concept behind the Career Pathfinder scheme is simply to provide empowerment, professional development and guidance to its subscribers

Every subscriber to the careers pathfinder scheme is expected to network more, learn more, develop more, think more, act more and succeed more.

This is a Youth Leadership Program that seeks to help thousands of young people to identify what they would like to achieve in life. Using experienced professionals in matching personal preferences with a range of realistic educational and future career options, making young people aware of career paths they might not have otherwise considered.

Our services will help you to gain confidence and self esteem in order to become successful in study and life and perhaps even to realise your dreams.We achieve all these through the use of creative, innovative and strategic programs and systems that makes a difference.

It is our belief that the best way to educate and develop responsible people is by inculcating leadership qualities in them at an early stage.

We also believe that, Human values such as Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Love, Compassion and Courage, are fundamental to the very core of our existence. Communities and cultures are built on these values. Without them, even established societies and organisations will fall. These values are not specific to any religion or race; country or community and that’s makes them universally powerful.

Our Youth Leadership Programs, revolves around these believes. Therefore our young people are provided with basic instructions and encouraged to ‘think’ and ‘draw’ from within and from other useful sources on their own.

These programs aim at supporting the youth to discover their true potential through realizing their strengths and weaknesses; and become better leaders.

Simply put, our main purpose is to make young people aware that their character is their real strength and that all other acquisitions such as wealth and education are of no real value without character. In schools today, character development is believed to be another thing in the plate. At aimers Africa, We believe, “it” is the plate. Everything young people do in school, should revolve around character.

The Aimers Africa programs are therefore, built around the statement. The “Character is Power!


We designed a three Steps youth development methodology and believes such a holistic approach is necessary not just in our youth development programs but also in any field of education and industry.

Step One.
The first step in our youth development program is all about “knowing yourself first”.

The Self Awareness program involves self- identification and analysis, which leads to self-improvement. We take these young people through many diagnostic activities that enable them to become aware of who they truly are, and what their capabilities and limitations are.

Step two
The second step of our methodology, is all about “building your personality”.

The Personality Formation is possible once these young people identify their potentials and aspirations. Now they are in the position to set the foundation to how they would like to live their lives.

We guide them in Setting goals, drawing life plans and taking actions to achieve desired results.

Step Three
The final part of the 3 part Aimers Africa Youth development methodology is focused on “service to society”.

This service learning component of the “Youth Development” program is very important to us at Aimers Africa and importantly, it is essential to our bid to groom highly efficient and responsible adults. We believe that the most successful people in life, be it in business, are those who commit their lives to serve others. Our Young people are provided with the rudiments of standing in to serve others as a key to success.

Youth Leadership Workshop

The “Youth Leaders” workshop is an interactive training designed to develop key leadership traits such as; self-confidence, self-identity, continuous self-improvement, planning and organization, goal setting, teamwork, active listening, and community service and leadership ethics.

Our character education program, teaches widely accepted values that build good character, such as honesty and respect.

We all agree that academic success is vital to the development of our youth into happy, healthy, successful and productive citizens. However, until they develop the skills to better cope with the other challenges in their lives, it is often very difficult – if not impossible for many young people to excel in the classroom.

Our Youth leadership Workshops covers very important topics and skills, some of which are listed below

Enhancing Self-Image
The Power of Choice
Intention & Method
Taking Positive Risks
Leading Yourself
Trusting Yourself & Others
Accepting Different Points of View
Giving and Receiving Support
Creating Better Relationships
The Importance of Attitude
Working With Emotions
Accessing Your Wisdom
Teamwork & Cooperation
Communicating Effectively
After School Mentoring Program

Our after school mentoring program pairs the young people in junior high and senior schools with other successful university students and working adults, to inspire these young people to achieve their very best;