Change the World By Creating A Movement

Change the World By Creating A Movement

You can’t grow your business/career alone. You can’t make a positive difference in the world all by yourself.
The myth of the brilliant and dedicated entrepreneur who builds some amazing business all by himself or herself is a complete illusion. Show me any successful changemaker, and I’ll show you a team of dedicated caring people who helped to make that happen. In fact, I’ll show you a web of interconnected people, life forms, businesses, and events that made their success possible.
When you set out to accomplish your higher purpose and mission, it would be foolish to think you can do it all by yourself. You’re going to need a lot of help!
I’m not saying that you need a bunch of staff. You may want to keep your business small, simple, and stress free. you can build multiple businesses to the multiple six-figures with the help of only a few part-time paid assistants. 

I’m talking about a different kind of help. I’m talking about the support that will naturally show up when you begin to build a movement. This basically means sharing your higher purpose and mission with others, and inviting people to be a part of making that happen. If your mission is authentically inspiring to you, I guarantee that it will also be inspiring to others. Not everyone will resonate with your mission, or care about it, but the right people will want to participate, if you give them an opportunity.

Some people will be drawn to you just because they appreciate the genuine enthusiasm you have about your mission.
So, building a movement means sharing your mission and inviting people to support it in any way they can. It also means making it easy for them to plug in and contribute.
This can take a thousand different forms, however, if your mission is something that people resonate with and want to support, they will naturally do all kinds of things…

  • Tell their friends about your work.
  •  Email their entire list and tell them about you.
  • Offer their support and guidance.
  • Connect you with key people you need to meet.
  • Refer clients to you.
  • Post things about you on social media.

In essence, if you can have people begin to see your mission as their mission, then you’ve begun to build a movement. This is way beyond marketing to get clients. It’s marketing to change the world, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
You may be wondering how all of this applies to YOUR business. You may have a simple business, such as jewelry making, or massage therapy. You might not even have a business, yet. You might be thinking this “align with evolution” and “create a movement” stuff doesn’t apply to you. In my opinion, this will work for anyone who genuinely applies the principles to any business. Let’s take the massage therapist for example:
Massage Therapists don’t have to try very hard to align themselves with evolution, because hands-on healing modalities already bring people into a deep alignment with their highest selves. But a massage therapy business could be taken to a much higher level by creating a purpose such as, “Spreading profound health, well being, and peace throughout our community.”
If you as a massage therapist could enroll even a few people, perhaps current clients, in the mission of “spreading profound health, well-being and peace throughout your community” it is very likely you will start receiving so many referrals that you’ll have a waiting list, or you will have to hire additional massage therapists to help with the demand.
Do you see how this is fundamentally different from asking people to send you referrals? I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask people to send you referrals, but you will get far better results if you first invite them to join your movement.
Here’s an invitation and a challenge for you. See if you can identify your movement.Then, share it with us by posting a comment on our comments page.

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