Corporate Interact

Corporate Interact

“Master mind Groups – Fostering Cross-industry learning” 

In today’s very volatile and competitive business world, Knowledge is fast becoming an asset for individual and organizational competiveness and growth. We believe in the saying that “there is a direct correlation between ignorance and poverty; and where one is, the other is likely to be found close by”.
Therefore it is becoming significant even now than ever to enhance knowledge acquisition and propagation to ensure economic development and social good.
The concept behind Corporate interact is simple. It seeks to foster cross-industry learning and networking by bringing together corporate personalities such as CEOs, Entrepreneurs, marketers, Human Resource practitioners, Learning and Development practitioners, researchers, the academia and many other industry players exclusively from variety of organisations.

The membership community will include organizations in diverse industry areas.
Corporate Interact is a portal of knowledge, information and insight for senior and junior practitioners in the corporate world no matter what sector, industry or profession they find themselves.

Our role, as facilitators of this community, is to provide new, practical and actionable knowledge and insight through global research and benchmarking, networking events and peer learning activities which serve as a stimulus for practitioners to think differently about their challenges, by learning from other organisations, sectors and professionals.

Membership is open to all forms of organisations and individuals interested in expanding on their knowledge through the power of networking.

There are therefore two forms of membership; corporate membership and individual membership.

Concept objectives
This concept seeks to achieve the following;

  • Advance the knowledge base of members around business transformation, current trends and practices in organisations within the global business environment.
  • Form a network of organisations committed to business transformation, allowing them to exchange ideas, best practises and experiences on common themes
  • Help participants to accelerate their own change programs by building business cases for transformation in their organisations
  • Develop content and debate that benefits the wider business community

Benefits for members
Joining Corporate interact sets you apart from the rest and brings you a number of great ways to boost your career prospects and earning knowledge, skills, attitude and power, whatever stage you are in your career.
Expand your professional network
Get connected to most of dynamic people in business, putting you at the heart of the industry. Regular networking events with some of the biggest names in the business, keeping members connected and well informed.
Events and activities
We hold a series of briefings and events to share key findings and insights from our global benchmarking studies and to provide the opportunity for practitioners to network with, and learn from, peers in similar contexts, facing similar challenges. These are regular opportunities to expand your professional network at local, regional and national levels. Our calendar of events will regularly include Knowledge enhancement programs such as

Real People, Real Insights
Access to regular case study presentations from high profile practitioners. Members will hear fascinating examples of branding, strategy, innovation and learning and development and other topics in practice.

Strength in Depth
Facilitated roundtable discussions where members can discuss their experiences and issues in an open and non-competitive environment.

Stay Informed
Take part and gain exclusive access to benchmarking studies that forecast future trends and impacts for major international organizations.
Regular Insight Forums
With live case studies from some of the biggest names in business. These events provide Corporate Connect members with the stimulus to challenge traditional thinking, by hearing first-hand how others have faced and responded to similar challenges.