PIP 031: How To Create A Career To Solve Africa’s Problems with Henry Cobblah

PIP 031: How To Create A Career To Solve Africa’s Problems with Henry Cobblah

Listen to How Henry Cobblah has created a career to solve Africa’s problems in this episode of your motivational Personal Innovation Podcast and how he wants you to do same.

I had a lively chat with Henry Cobblah who is very passionate about creating solutions to Africa’s problems. Henry believes that we all need to be humble enough to learn every day. it is not enough to identify problems and complain about them, henry is on a mission to use his skills, network and knowledge to solve Africa’s problems.

For Henry, Personal Innovation is all about thinking more about how we all need to come together to make the world work better. it is the inclusive and the collaborative view of the world that makes sense to him.

With an inspiration from Jack Ma; founder of Alibaba, Henry is ignited to leave a dent on the universe through his work. His future projects are focused on big data and creating platforms for young Africans to excel in their creative professions.

Henry learns online every day, is open to new ideas from other people each, and shares his knowledge through teaching.

He recommends the Mobile phone as a key tool for every body to leverage to facilitate their growth and development in their careers, businesses and personal lives.

He says it is also important to understand how to use Google effective to the advantage of our careers and businesses.

“if not now when, if not me who” is Henry’s watch word. He also believes that it is important for us all to ask our self “who we are, what we have and what we have to trade off.

Henry Cobblah founded iSolveAfrica Limited, in 2012 whiles at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to provide innovative solutions for Africa. He did his national service in his own start up after graduating. His company has ever since created over 298 websites and mobile applications in and outside Ghana.

Along side this, Henry co-founded a social enterprise that provided sexual reproductive health education and guidance platform for people who do not have the voice to talk about issues of STDs, Family planning and reproductive health.

Today his company: iSolveAfrica is a full-service interactive agency that helps clients succeed online by creating award-winning digital solutions. iSolveAfrica’s services start with a digital strategy that evolves into a complete solution including creativity, technology, and marketing.

iSolveAfrica works with small to medium sized businesses, as well as leading brands, to create comprehensive and result-driven online marketing campaigns. In addition, iSolveAfrica’s technology offerings, which range from e-commerce and content management systems to social networking platforms, allow companies to efficiently run their businesses while maintaining a high profile and growth.

Henry has created a career in the areas of website design, mobile application development and software development as well as digital graphics development and design. He has great teaching techniques to help non-IT individual understand these principles.

He also initiated a new project;, an e-commerce platform, that offers creative fashion designers across Africa the opportunity to market and monitor performance whiles giving freedom to buyers to order and get experience seamless shopping ecperiences.

Ahwenepa is a customisable online global marketplace for strictly African fashion and lifestyle products. The aim is to create more micro & medium sized entrepreneurs with innovative African Fashion Designers and products strictly selected with quality.



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