Creating a career of social Impact With Evans Ofori Gyebi

Creating a career of social Impact With Evans Ofori Gyebi

In this episode I had an interesting conversation with Evans ofori Gyebi.

Evans just completed high school but has started leaving his life as a love story. He is the executive president of a youth empowerment organization called the elevate network.

Evans Ofori Gyebi is on a mission to shift our culture. He has started a movement to empower Ghanaian youth, and to give them the tools & strategies necessary to elevate every area of their life and business. Evans truly believes that the more people you are able to influence and help succeed, the more successful you in turn, will become. Stay humble, but NEVER lose your hunger.

Listen to his story and where he is heading towards.

Key Lessons from this episode 

  1. Even if you think you are ordinary you can still become influential and impact the world.
  2. We all have to live our dreams.
  3. Become a doer today
  4. Become a part of the creative system. Go out and create something today.
  5. Just create an impact and money will come chasing
  6. You are not too young or old to start something today. just do it.
About Elevate Network
Elevate Network believes in the positive impact of the youth in the world. Our mission is to help students, young people develop the spirit of entrepreneurship, identify their talents, purpose and develop their potentials, both for themselves and the greater good. We strive to change the culture of the world from the inside out – by investing in young students.
What They do
Leadership Development
Coaching and Mentoring
Wealth Creation
Community Service
Scholarship Schemes
Rural Outreaches
Talents Development
Summit and Conference
Workshops and Boot camps
The vision is to become the world’s leading organization that helps millions of upcoming youngsters to discover their potentials, talents and purpose to achieve their various goals in life.
E.N has a Board of Trustees made up of youth development experts, corporate executives and a luminary. The organization is currently run by an Executive President, a management team, support staff and volunteers.

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