How to develop your self image.

How to develop your self image.

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In this episode lets delve more into who we are by looking at the Components of the self-concept so we can rightly appreciate our selves and how others perceive us better.

The first component of your self that we can look at is your Physical self:
This is how you see yourself, it is how you think or know you look like. For instance you may be short, tall, fat, slim, fair or dark in complexion, white or black, physically built etc. This forms the bases for describing you. We describe people with some of the following expressions; James is a tall, physically built man. He has big, brown eyes. His Dark coloured skin is very attractive.
At a glance one can form a perception of your personality. These perceptions can portray you as weak, or strong, healthy or sick etc. it is therefore important to have a critical assessment of your physical self and work on creating a positive impression in the minds of anyone who comes into contact with you.

The second component is your Psychological self:
This is the kind of person you think you are in your subconscious mind. This however is built on an individual orientation and therefore comes from your own thinking. For instance you may perceive yourself as intelligent, stupid, a good or a bad person etc.

In other to build a strong unique selling persona and image, it is very important to cultivate a positive psychological self.


Now lets look at the third component which is your Social self:
Society plays an important role in determining who you will perceive yourself to be. Your social self is what you think other people, such as family, friends, subordinates and superiors think of you. For example you may ask people if they think you are beautiful or handsome, if you have a good sense of humour and a good company to keep, and their answer will reflect what they perceive of you.

The fourth Component however, is your ideal self
This is future oriented. It comes in a form of a dream of who you would like to be, consisting of your aspirations, desires, and ambitions. The ideal self is however not static, it evolves as we grow. For instance what you aspire for as a child might be different from your aspirations as you grow into adulthood.
Then the final component is very crucial and it is your real self

This is the natural reality in the presence. It is a description of who you really are right now. The real self is the genuine, natural, undiluted and honest aspect of your identity that distinguishes you from others. This is the ultimate in knowing yourself. In the bid to establish a personality that is valued by yourself and others, your real self is a must to recognise.

There are many ways to examine the self-concept. Two of the most widely used terms are; Self-esteem which we covered in the last episode and self-image.


Self-image is how you see yourself or you think others see you physically or perceptually. It is the personal view or mental picture you have of yourself.

The self-image can be very positive or negative. With a positive self-image you become aware of your abilities and potentials whiles being realistic about your limitations. This gives a person confidence in his thoughts and actions.

A negative self-image focuses on your faults and weaknesses, making you feel uncertain of your capabilities, beliefs and actions. This is because how one feels and thinks about oneself affects the way one acts.

Developing a positive self-image is important because how you think about yourself may affect how you feel about yourself which in turn affects your relationship with others. A positive self-image also affects your physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Perhaps that is why Howard Stern once said:

“I’ve always thought that a name says a lot about a person. So naturally, being named Howard, I always wanted to crawl into a hole.”

Now lets look at some Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Your Self Image.

Improving your self-image is important and like improving any skill, it takes time and practice. You can make use of the following tips and tricks to improve your self-image.

  • List some of the things you like about yourself. This may include appearance and skills etc.
  • Change negative feelings and thoughts of yourself by focusing on the positive ones.
  • Ignore the negative descriptions made about you in school, at home and by friend.
  • Remember the things people say about you and note them down.
  • Examine whether opinions about you are truthful.
  • Make any changes if you think they will help you. For example you can change your cloths and behavior
  • Accept things about yourself that true and learn to think about them in a positive way.
  • Accept criticism in a positive way so that you can improve and develop them.


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