PIP 024: How Disqualification From The Army Landed Afi Antonio A Promising Modelling and Social Impact Career

PIP 024: How Disqualification From The Army Landed Afi Antonio A Promising Modelling and Social Impact Career

Hello my lovely #YounovationFamily. This is another interesting episode of your motivational Personal Innovation Podcast featuring; Philomena Esinam Afi Antonio. She is a Model/ TV Show Producer/ Presenter and actress. She is also the founder of Solar4girls.

In this episode Afi shared with us how she got disqualified from becoming a soldier but went on to create a career for her self as a model, and a social enterprise project that is built on her passion of putting smiles on people’s faces.

Afi Antonio: “Solar4girls is an initiative to eradicate kerosene lanterns, candles, bobo etc from off grid communities so that students can learn extra hours at night. My team and I contribute and solicit for help from friends through social media campaigns.


The amount realized we use some to buy solar lamps, some as transport to the villages where we donate the lamps to JHS final year students. These students live it areas with no electricity at all (no sign of electricity) we have been to 3 places so far… Honor, Like and one village in takoradi the name has escaped me. We are planning another one this September in the eastern region. We plan having it 3 times a year. Although the name suggests only girls benefit from the lamps that’s not the case, both gender benefit. I choose Solar4girls because I have in mind a bigger project to empower girls as time goes on.

“We have so many challenges and praying we get support from government or NGO some day to make it bigger. We mostly sleep over and visit the students who benefited at night to find out how they make use of the lamps and also educate their parents to ensure their kids use the lamps to learn.


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