Enterprise School

Enterprise School

Startup boot Camp

Today, many more people dream of becoming entrepreneurs. This is a good thing, since we are in the Era of the “free agent.” “Personal innovation” and the “economies of Unscale”
But the bad news is that, 90% of new businesses fail, because their founders failed to ask themselves the simplest of fundamental questions, lay the right foundations and act based on the right insights and the new principles.
Our work here is to save you years of wasted time and thousands of wasted money by giving you the ammunition to ask the right questions and finding the right answers and helping you make the decision that is right for you.

Our commitment here is guide you in deciding if your idea is workable and bankable.
Give you the power to say ‘I’m in’, but equally importantly, to have the courage to say ‘I’m out’.
You will be guided through all the fundamental ingredients for any new company, whatever sector you want to be in, whatever size of business you have in mind, along with the tools to make it work.

We will get you to ask yourself all the tough and you will have a business that genuinely has a chance of success.
You can be one of the 10% of businesses that do make it.

Hire The Expert.

If you own a Small or Medium Sized Business, Startup Entrepreneur, Freelancer, AND YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE MASSIVELY MORE SUCCESS WITH LESS RESOURCES – This is the service you have been looking for.
If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to grow your business, this is it!
You’ll never have to be alone with your business for a whole one year. You will have me there whenever you need me. I’ll be in your corner ready to help you, advise you and support you.

Rest assured, that throughout our entire year together you will always receive my individual attention. It’s always you and I working together, to help you achieve the income and lifestyle from your business that you deserve.
You and I work together for a whole year, developing the perfect marketing strategy and tactics for your business.

I will be there with you every step of the way, to show you exactly what you need to do and help you. As your marketing mentor, I’m also there to provide you with the motivation, inspiration and accountability you need, to achieve your full potential.

We work together using phone calls, Skype calls and email, and in some cases personal (face to face) visits or meetings.
During our year together, you and your business will benefit from my most powerful marketing ideas that work for small businesses, but that’s not all! I will also provide you with the kind of essential support you need, to take your business to another level.
Just think how your business would grow, if I was helping you make your sales and marketing decisions… ensuring you do the right things, correctly!
Oh don’t worry!
I know your status, as a small budget business, this is Priced to fit your budget
Because our work together will be conducted via a combination of; telephone, email, Skype and the Internet, my service delivery costs are almost down and I pass 100% of my savings on to you.
As a result, my consulting fee is comfortably within the budget of most small businesses.
It’s the perfect answer for your business, no matter where you are in the world.
Your total peace of mind is guaranteed!
Your fee is set and capped in advance. There’s no hourly rate for my time. You will only receive one invoice from me, which covers EVERYTHING for the whole year.

This means you have total freedom to use as much of my time as you need, without ever having to worry about what it will cost. This allows you to budget ahead with total clarity and confidence.

This is perfect for small business owners, who want to know what their outgoings will be in advance. It also means you will have me on hand to share ideas with, whenever you need it.
I call this approach, partnering with my clients. It’s you and I, working together as a team!
Thank GOD, You’re not alone any more
It can be a solitary experience running a business not to talk about running it on a limited/ shoe string budget.  I know that my clients love the fact that, they have me to speak with, when they need someone to bounce ideas off, explore opportunities with or just confide in.
FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL ME: OR CALL +233 (0) 243062198 / +233 (0) 234417177
Here is an opportunity for you to engage my services and Pick my brain for 90 days.
This is how I can help you and your business to improve your results, with a 90 days action and result based approach, we work together to change the fortunes of your small business.
Maybe you need to attract more high quality clients or make more high value sales
Perhaps you would like me to help you get clarity regarding the development of your business or your own personal development.
Your business may have reached a plateau and you now need to take it to the next level
It might be that you want to know how to differentiate your business, so you no longer have to sell based on fees or attract fee-sensitive clients
You may want to solve a major business problem, with the assistance of a proven marketing and business development specialist?
Or it could be that you’d like to know how to get your website or blog delivering regular, high quality leads or sales?
Those are just a few of the areas I can help you with!
Here is how it works
Simply request a session, using the form below. Then, you and I set a date and time for your initial session, which is secured as soon as payment is received.
We then have a 90 minute initial session, conducted via the phone or Skype. Prior to your call, I will send you a simple fact-finder document, which will give me some useful information ahead of our session and ensure you get maximum value from our time together.
I will then provide you with the most effective ideas, answers and insights I know – in order to help you. You can rely on me to be both honest and human. I speak in plain English and offer workable, common sense answers. My aim is to provide you with exactly what you need – the best advice, ideas and insights possible.
It is days that will be very valuable for your business and yourself. Try it and you will tell a love story soon.
Pick my brains and get the answers you need, now!