How I Discovered my love story and my Personal Brand Architecture (Part two.)

How I Discovered my love story and my Personal Brand Architecture (Part two.)

One very important topic in marketing that I fell in love with is ‘Strategic Marketing Decisions’. In principle and as propounded by Michael Porter, there are two major categories of strategies that you can make as an organisations, you are either deciding to grow and expand or deciding to compete in your market. So there are competitive and growth strategies that you would like to explore after you have identified and segmented your market appropriately, designed customized offers targeting specific audience and positioned yourself well enough in your market….

I want to tell you today that these strategies are not only for businesses but also for you as you are thinking of branding yourself and succeeding in life. I will expand on this more in my subsequent posts.

As part of the competitive strategies, which includes ‘differentiation’, ‘cost leadership’ and focus strategies’, I wish to tell you today to FOCUS on your dream and passion, no matter how small or foolish it looks or sounds to others today.

My love story continues

Way back in school, I had a passion for helping people, it was just natural, so you will see me organize the study group and lead it, help others complete assignments and conduct private extra classes for my colleagues, to the extent that my colleagues affectionately called me, ‘Prof’. Even till today.

I registered an enterprise; a sole proprietorship, with the Registrar General Of Companies, whiles still a student and I remembered, brainstorming what name to use, of course I chose Higher Heights Consults, it did not feel good, then I chose Uprising Consult, and when I conducted a name search at the registrar generals, I found out, that the later name was not available for me to use, then on top of my mind I wrote Aimers Consult and lucky and happy me, my first company was registered. “Hurray”…..  Aimers Consult organized motivational and career development seminars, quizzes and debate competitions, talent shows and more. It was lots of fun as a student entrepreneur.

Out of school, and grabbing the opportunity to manage promotions and communications for an international organisation in Ghana as I stated earlier, I re-registered into a limited liability company with the name Aimers Africa Ltd, as is the good thing to do. Moved to a larger office space and employed more people.

Guess what, I “back slided” on my passion; what Aimers Consult started with as a service (motivational and career development seminars, quizzes and debate competitions, talent shows and more ) is not what Aimers Africa got into (doing promotions for an international organisation) Just because I was offered an opportunity. It’s not as if I did not deserve that opportunity, I earned it, as I worked very hard and of course, I put forward a very convincing proposal to be trusted and hired by an international organisation to handle marketing for them. But some opportunities can be risky, more especially if they will change your passion and focus of you dream.

If you notice the choice of name for my company starting from the ones that were rejected and the finally registered one and what Aimers Consult was doing then, you will see my true passion.

Where Is The Consistency? That is the question I ask myself now as am being introspective.

If I knew the answers then as I know them today, I would have been a far, more, better person today.

I Hope you will be inspired and empowered to succeed through my love story even us you read on and start to write down your own love story too.
Above all, endeavour to start a conversation with me on how I can relive and rewrite my story. I count on your readiness and support for this love Resolution.
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