How to Promote your Personal Brand to the benefit of your Small Business: An Honest Chat With Adu-Amaning, CEO of AduAmani Klodin.

How to Promote your Personal Brand to the benefit of your Small Business: An Honest Chat With Adu-Amaning, CEO of AduAmani Klodin.

I was glad to host Vera Adu- Amaning on this weeks episode of your favourite personal innovation hub. In this very interesting chat, she shared her journey as an entrepreneur and how her personal brand and the use of social media has aided her success as a small businesses owner. There are great lessons to be learnt. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast and look out for more of this great interviews that will get you thinking bigger about who you are, what you do and how you can impact the world in a great way.

Bellow is a profile of Adu Vera-Amani

“I am a Marketing enthusiast
I am visionary entreprenuer
I use social media in my day-to-day life”

Vera Adu-Amaning is a very creative Ghanaian entrepreneur who takes initiative of branding herself by effectively marketing her products and services globally via social media.

In 2015, Adu Amani’s ,(as she is popularly known), hairstyle to “chalewote 2015” became a talk on social media which is still trending and creatively compared to the Adomi Bridge in Ghana, her hair exposure is a study case for social media marketing ploys discussed by the MEST students.
Her influence online attracted brands like woodin to work with her and became the 2016 Ghana Entrepreneurship Challenge Youth Ambassador ,and a mentor for the Ghana interns.

Born and grew up in Ada, From the Eastern Region, and last of four children
(two girls and two boys).She was conceived when her mum was 42 years, and to her, that’s the greatest inspiration which drives her on, believing anything is possible.
Adu Amani is very super passionate about colors, she is inspired by everything around her especially her clients and started her fast growing company Adu Amani Klodin (manufacturers of shoes, accessories} without any capital.

‘It was never my plan to own a fashion brand but God must have his own
amazing plans. This business was initiated by my Friend. Even though I once
worked with a fashion company just after SHS but I didn’t see myself becoming a
designer, I wanted to become a film maker. All my memories involve shape and
colors and styling, customizing, maybe the inspiration came from there when I
took over.’

AduAmani , produces shoes, bags and fashion accessories in Ghana . As part our mission to interpret the traditional Ghanaian or African identity to the world, the brand is a vehicle to communicate Ghana as well as Africa as a continent to the world. It is the aim of the clothing line to remain a household name and as such celebrated gloriously and globally as always been. Hopes are that people will remain excited and anxious to know what’s on the clothing line, the quality, completely beautiful and really good brand of products.

Apart from the Brand tagged “aduAmani” which originally represents where the shoes or products are coming, our unique design is something to remember from Home or Africa as a whole with a touch of African fabric added to the collection.

Her collections include:

  • NEMI “meaning My Own “which is a suede male shoes with a trend of
fabric behind, could be used in all kinds of weather as well as for any costume This collection is mainly for men but on request we serve our female clients equally.
  • ANIMA collection is a very colorful and stylish product. The collection is made unisex so as to reach our large client base; it is with this collection that the skills and colorful imagination of adu-Amani comes to display. Each color and style displayed in this collection comes with a unique meaning and touch
  • KENTE-INSPIRED –shoes and bags neatly designed with Ghanaian handwoven original Kente cloth. Kente is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana
  • ADUA: an Akan word meaning wood; these collections are made of wood.
  • VERAPELLE: an Italian word meaning pure leather. Which means the collection is made of leather.

Client Base.
The brand has a huge social media presence and currently uses social media platforms to sell . Adu Amani supply to international mass merchants all over the world and produce for other brands as well .
Community Service: Fundraising for and working with NGOs(with friends }to help the less privilege. Mentoring young people as well in schools and serminars.


  • Listed among the 12 most influential designers in Ghana by OMGBlog
  • Featured in one of the top 10city books in 2014 ‘OXFORD STREET’ written by AtoQuayson,
  • AduAmani , A Ghanaian Brand on a Global Journey by daily Express in 2015 and featured on other media platforms (source: Google Search /AduAmani )
  • Top Nominee of Fashion Icon Awards 2014. Nominee West African Fashion awards 2016 Winner
  • Entrepreneurs (London ) awards Member of YALI NETWORK
  • Board member of JA Africa
  • Ghana Leadership Entrepreneurship Challenge 2016 Youth Ambassador

‘To the youth and every other person, be honest in all your dealings and your reputation and business will reap the rewards and never give up, God is the builder of all things. I am now living .’

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