How to take advantage of the scarce Opportunities Available and Succeed in the midst of the Stiff Competition.

How to take advantage of the scarce Opportunities Available and Succeed in the midst of the Stiff Competition.

If you are a believer in dreams and an optimist like me, you will still have hope for the future, you will still believe in the fact that there are many opportunities out there, more than ever.

Even though things might not be going the way you intended. Believe that, there are greater things ahead. We just have to think differently about who we are and what is within us that can act as the magnet to attract the very many disguised opportunities out there.

Many of those who lose hope, complain about the economic challenges and the ever changing, turbulent nature of the business world.

Jobs are not guaranteed, businesses are folding up, there is a global competition for every local business, Small businesses are struggling for there share of the market with their little mights against the global giants

It is true, we are really facing very stiff competition in all spheres of life. Consumers, employers and any other person, who will be looking at engaging your services today is exposed to lots of offers and choices.

But you know what? this is the time for you to explore more and explode. I believe this is the time David can win the battle against Goliath. In todays economy of unscale, small is the new big and Innovation is the weapon for career and business success.

It has become very important for us all to strive to Look apart and stand tall, if we want to secure our future success, happiness and security.

Bruce Barton once said: “Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.”

You can do more if you work on your personal Brand,
differentiate your self,
Stand out and shine to the world.

I challenge you to change your mind set and start thinking of your personal brand and what you want to offer to your market in a different way.

A great way off getting to that differentiation is to undertake a personal brand audit.
it is true that knowing where you are from, and where you are now, can be a spring board lunching you into where you want to be.

Now join me and lets get practical with your personal brand audit.

Take a sheet of paper, draw a line through it, write same on the top left and different on the top right corner of the sheet.

Now think about your friends, work colleagues, members of your graduating class or the professional body you belong to and your peers or competitors in your field of work, all those people who have the same goals, ambitions and aspirations as you.

And For all those things that are same with you as them, write them down at the same column of your sheet of paper. It may be that you have the same number or level of qualifications; you went to the same schools, You live in the same city and perhaps you all are looking for that same well-paying job or contract.

When that is done, please go ahead and then write those things that differentiate you from all of them.

Chances are that your differentiation will be more of personality characteristics and attributes, talents, skills, life experiences, believes, value, personal principles and ideologies, and more. Take a very careful look at these.

i must add: Know that talent pays but talent is not enough. You will need to Nature it, and hone it to blossom.)

Identify those things that make you different. Know your Strengths and weaknesses in order to convert the threats around you into opportunities.

And once you know those differentiators, you need to ask yourself, out of all these, what is compelling to your target audience. What will make them wanting to work with you, get them interested in who you are?

Those will be elements of your brand that you would have to highlight as the core of your personal brand architecture and integrate into every personal brand activity and communication that you do.

So remember today that Personal Brand differentiation is absolutely key as a winning formula.

Do not think about yourself as a job title; and as one of them. Think about yourself as a unique selling brand ready to create value.
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Be different, Stand out and shine to the world

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