Innovate Or Stagnate: Introducing The Personal Innovation Podcast

This Podcast is all about a new way of life.
It will inspire you to change the world by doing what you love.
It will help ignite your personal brand power: identifying who you are, what you offer the world in a unique way and why people would be interested.
This is where I lead the movement of us thinking bigger about who we are, what we offer the world in a unique way and why people should bother dealing with us. The Objective is for us all to master our inner gifts, create our own future and live our lives as a love story. Make a resolution today to be more valuable, differentiate your self and shine to the world.

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You can do and achieve more if you work on your Personal innovation today.
be different, Stand out and shine to the world.

Episode Summary 

In todays very volatile and competitive world you better innovate or else you retard, decline or even die. yea its that bad.

Thats the new commandment for career and personal development.
Indeed We are in the Age of Personal Innovation.
you see!
We all have to become innovators of our own careers and lives.
Businesses have always needed to innovate in order to stay relevant and competitive in their marketplace,
but now so do YOU.
Am you you are asking: “ why should I?

This is why!!
The skills of yesterday might not be as important in five years as the robots and other apps for instance are taking our jobs
Even in the face of continuous technological advancements, the systems, tools and equipements we use today may be obsolete next year.
WE therefore have to constantly evolve, adapt to new realities, be accountable for OURselves and think creatively if we want to survive.
Thats what I call personal innovation.
It is your ability to see new opportunities where others don’t,
It is how you create new positions and careers that never existed, while undergoing continuous learning and adapting to economic change.

Fact is…
Today We all have to stay educated, connected and confident despite the economic shifts and be able to come up with solutions to new problems that might not exist yet.
Personal innovation is about critical thinking, problem solving and aligning your interests with the current and future market needs.

My Passion has always been about empowering you to succeed, through my coaching, consulting, public speaking and blogging ventures. It has and will always continue to be about you.
And this is why I put together a complete do it yourself guide on personal innovation for the success hungry professionals, and dreamers like you.
My objective is to use this book to challenge you to change your mind set and start thinking of your personal brand and what you have to offer to your market in a different way and as a result drive emotions, build a following, loyalty credibility, trust, likability, love, authority and above all earn a great deal of a living on your passion/ doing work you love.

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You can do and achieve more if you work on your Personal innovation today.
be different, Stand out and shine to the world.