‘Love yourself and others will love you too’: LOVE Resolution Campaign

Welcome to the Personal Innovation Podcast with me Eric Seyram.

In this episode, I am happy to introduce to you The Love Resolution Campaign with the theme: ‘love yourself and others will love you too.

Trust me it is the core foundation to personal innovation.

I know loving yourself to many people is natural. You will not “deep your hands into a burning fire” because you know it will hurt. Most people look out for themselves before others. I am not in any way supporting selfishness and greed; I believe strongly in sharing and making an impact in other people’s lives. That is what personal innovation and branding is all about. The more impact you make, the more memorable and likeable you become and the stronger your brand.

The Love Resolution Campaign is a series of blog posts, intimate and honest conversations between me and you and some other very interesting activities like “Lets Meet and Grow”, (a community for expressing our love stories) that make a difference in our lives. It is the new reality and our new way of life.

Now, if you are thinking; how will this work? How will it impacts my life positively? How will I make more money, make the right connections, clinch the best contracts by loving myself? I challenge you to be a part of this love Resolution and you will see the value.
The “Lets meet and grow” Community that I have initiated is a system that makes all of this possible. It creates an intimate avenue, which propels you to identify your passion, love yourself and start expressing your love story to the world and then trigger emotions and passions in your target audience, to want to work with you.

And the only person who can get in your way is also the only person who can make this happen. You!

This is a call. A call to express. To give, to influence, to receive, to play and engage in. Will you answer the call? 

If you’ve been waiting to share what you truly care about with the world – and to fully receive the gifts this life has to offer – your wait is over.

Join the Love resolution campaign now and “Let’s meet and grow”

Everybody’s talking about the “challenging economy.” And they’re right, but my call and challenge to you is to think differently about yourself and your situations, and play a bigger game, think bigger about who you are and what you have to offer the world in a unique way and see the great benefits.
The first open secrete, you need to know, is that people who will employ you, hire your services or want to really pay you more, mostly will like to know how much  love you have for your yourself first.
You are sure to get more just as you love yourself. Most successful and wealthy people you ever heard about all loved themselves first, then the success came knocking on their doors.

Lovely dreamers and doers, you are listening to the Personal Innovation Podcast.
This is where I lead the movement of us thinking bigger about who we are,
what we offer the world in a unique way
and why people should bother dealing with us.

The Objective is for us all to master our inner gifts
create our own future
and live our lives as a love story

Make a resolution today to be more valuable, differentiate your self and shine to the world.

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You can do and achieve more if you work on your Personal innovation today.
be different, Stand out and shine to the world.