Personal Branding Master Class 101 with Sir Eric Seyram A (Know yourself to grow yourself.)

Personal Branding Master Class 101 with Sir Eric Seyram A (Know yourself to grow yourself.)
Know yourself to grow yourself.
“I’ve always thought that a name says a lot about a person. So naturally, being named Howard, I always wanted to crawl into a hole.”
Howard Stern

You have to know yourself to grow yourself. Personal branding is based on authenticity. Strong brands are unearthed they are not created. It’s not about a fake image for the outside world.  It’s about understanding, who you are and what makes you exceptional. So you need to be introspective and understand who you are.
So it’s important to ask yourself these few questions as you are being introspective in other to unearth your brand. 

These questions are in three categories.

And these are Motivation, Positioning, and connection.

Finding answers to this questions is more like a situational analysis of your personal brand, and will enable to to understand where you are now and would like to be as far as your personal brand is concerned.
These are some motivation questions you need to ask yourself.
·                          What are you passionate about?
·                           What are your personal values?
·                           Where do you see yourself in five years?
·                           What’s important to you?
·                           What inspires and edge you on?
·                            How would you like to see the world
·                           What contribution will you like to make to the world
Here are some positioning questions you will need to find answers to as well
·                      What is your current reputation?
·                      What are your greatest strengths?
·                       What are your most differentiated and valuable skills?
·                     What personality characters do you have that make people interested in who you are and what you have to offer?
·                     What are your greatest accomplishments?
Now you have to answer the final category of questions which is connection or network based.
·                      Who do you know who can help you reach your goals?
·                       Who needs to know you so you can reach your goals?
·                       What can you do to rapidly expand your professional network?
·                       How can you connect different members of your network with each other for mutual value?
·                     What can you do to nature your network regularly?
·                      How can you add value to members of your network?

Branding is based on authenticity. That means unearthing your brand is critical. So ask yourself these questions in the areas of motivation, positioning and connection and you will start to see some clarity in your personal branding process.

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