PIP 032: How becoming Homeless and being Home schooled ignited Rya Kuewor’s Passion and Career.

PIP 032: How becoming Homeless and being Home schooled ignited Rya Kuewor’s Passion and Career.

In this episode of your motivational Personal Innovation Podcast, I had a very insightful chat with Rya Kuewor.

Since childhood Rya dreamt of becoming a medical practitioner but this changed when he became homeless and had to beg for food and do menial jobs to survive.

Today, Rya is a refugee education and integration consultant with 6 years of working in higher and marginalised education in Ghana, Mali, and Burkina Faso, Singapore, and Kenya, and 4 years of working on refugee education with a special focus on societal integration.

His passion for refugees stems from him having been homeless once, and never having been formally educated.

Rya speaks 9 local and International languages, is a TEDx Speaker, and is a Fellow of the Amani Institute.

He has worked as a consultant for the Ghana Refugee Board through the Open University of West Africa, and also with a mobile education company in building and delivering entrepreneurship and healthcare courses to micro-entrepreneurs and secluded communities.

Rya has researched refugee societal and economic integration in the Krisan, Ampain, and Dadaab refugee camps. Today, Rya co-runs RIO (Refugee Integration Organisation) in Ghana and Brazil, working with refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDPs), and Persons of Concern (PoCs) and provides them with language and cultural courses, and scholarships for higher education in transferable skills.

His work promotes social inclusion and economic independence for refugees, IDPs, and PoCs in Africa and South America.

In our chat, Rya revealed that he believes that personal innovation makes life more worthy of living.

As a home schooled individual, Rya advocates for traditional education to be built on critical thinking and allowing for flexibility and freedom to act rather than “boxing people up into stereotypes”.

He is proud that hundred percent of what he does today is all earned from his home schooling.

He appreciated his father who is his home teacher for being a strong part of his success today. He admits that his father was always home to support his learning and therefore advised parents who would want to home school their wards to make enough time to make it possible.

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