So Komla Dumor is dead and so what?

So Komla Dumor is dead and so what?

As to many people, it was a shock, an unbelievable news

I refused to believe the news about the sad departure of Komla Dumor

A great Son of Ghana, worthy of emulation and celebration by all.

He came this far, he created a dent on the universe.

I thought it was one of the many usual rumor mongering, typical of us.

When it was really confirmed to me via credible sources,

And it was all over the  world, social and Traditional Media

On the lips of all, old and young, poor and rich

As a personal Branding advocate, I couldn’t help but to put on my personal branding glasses

Yes, it is a sad news that will linger on our hearts forever

But thinking about it for a few seconds, I became alarmed.

Whiles the whole world mourns and wallows in disbelieve,

I started getting introspective into my life and career.

And I am asking myself, what impact am I having on this world?

How will the world receive the news of my passing?

How will I be remembered when am long gone?

Will it be a sad news to just my family and the people of  my village?

Will it cause a stir where I work, my industry, my country, continent and the world at large

Will many wish it was just a fallacy?

The world has changed, it is no more just about a fulfilling career that pays the bills

It is no more about how much of a living you create for yourself and your family

We are now in a world where your personal impact is needed most.

That is the secrete behind the Success of many super brands

They create follower-ship, credibility and brand equity through how much they share with the world.

The world is now divided into two categories of people; Bakers and eaters

Eaters consume all that bakers bake only to ask for more

Bakers on the other hand know very well that there are lots of eaters, so they work hard and always think about how they can bake more.

Do you think a baker will go Hungary, when he’s always thinking about eaters? No

Think again about your position today. Are you an eater or a baker?

Are you at the receiving end or you are at the giving end.

I have resolved to be a baker and always be at the giving end.

Think about your personal brand in a different way today. And do something for your brand.

stand out and shine to the world. Differentiate Your Self, Be Valuable and Live Your Life as a love story.

With much love and a special dedication to the memory of Komla Dumor

Sir Eric Seyram A

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