Start Right

Start Right

This service is for you if you are just thinking of starting out, or you have initiated your actions but want some guidance or hand holding. it is a good thing.

May be you are thinking of leaving your corporate job (you are tired of working long hours in a role that doesn’t inspire and satisfy you) you feel you have more in you and want to start out on a new venture that is your passion, You want to change the world by doing work you love.

It is good to start right than regret Starting on the wrong footing.

Today, many more people dream of becoming entrepreneurs. This is a good thing, since we are in the Era of the “free agent.” “Personal innovation” and the “economies of Unscale”

But the bad news is that, 90% of new businesses fail, because their founders failed to ask themselves the simplest of fundamental questions, lay the right foundations and act based on the right insights and the new principles.
Our work here is to save you years of wasted time and thousands of wasted money by giving you the ammunition to ask the right questions and finding the right answers and helping you make the decision that is right for you.

Our commitment here is guide you in deciding if your idea is workable and bankable.

Give you the power to say ‘I’m in’, but equally importantly, to have the courage to say ‘I’m out’.

You will be guided through all the fundamental ingredients for any new company, whatever sector you want to be in, whatever size of business you have in mind, along with the tools to make it work.

We will get you to ask yourself all the tough questions and you will have a business that genuinely has a chance of success.

You can be one of the 10% of businesses that do make it.

By the time we are done you will be able to find answers to the most basic and important marketing questions that winners ask themselves before starting out.

Why should anyone bother dealing with us? People don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it. what is the bigger purpose of your existence. In this new economy it is about having an emotional connection with your target audience in a deep way that, all they will say is; It is great doing business with you.
What are we capable of offering that will be of interest? This is the benefit and satisfaction your target market will derive from doing business with you and if this doesn’t give them an enjoyable experience you will lose them once they try you.
How does it differ from what everyone else is doing? This is the time to be innovative, the one and only competitive drive in this current economy is innovation. If we are simply the same as everyone else in the market and we are not offering anything that is different, exciting or meaningful, we are unlikely to persuade people to want to do business with us.
If you are interested get more information on how you can participate and benefit by completing this form. or send an email: or call +233 (0) 243062198 / +233 (0) 234417177