Success comes from within: Awaken The hero in You.

Success comes from within: Awaken The hero in You.

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The topic for this episode is:

– Success comes from within: Awaken The hero in you.
You are a superhero.
The secrete to your success is within your grasp.
All you need to do is to identify it, and awaken it from within.
You’ve got it and it’s inside you.

I have been on a personal quest deep down and thoroughly, to find that superhero within me, the results have been fantastic so far and whiles am at it, I have decided to share. You know what they say ‘sharing is caring.’

This is what I have dedicated myself to helping you to achieve, through my blogging, podcasting and coaching services.
It is all designed to help you unleash your personal brand power. Empowering you to stand out and succeed more.

Am sure you are thinking that just a few special people like Mother Theresa of kolkata, Nelson Mandella, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gate, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Obama, Usain Bolt and others are cut out to be extremely successful and celebrated. I am telling you today you are already a supper hero. Just light it up and let it Shine to the world.

Just to illustrate so you get on the same page with me,
It is a fact that from where you are right now , you have access to streams of real-time information from all over the world. Today, knowledge spreads the moment it’s created.

You can watch far- away places, have immediate access to the sum of publicly available human knowledge, communicate with thousands, if not millions of people influence and affect people next door and thousands of miles away with just a few clicks of a mouse, or a mobile device,

These would have been powers reserved only for the greatest of superheroes in the years past and historic books would have been written about such a person with these powers… We call them genius, extra ordinary, supper brands, superstars, legends, icons and idols amongst other adjectives.

But am here to tell you now, that you an icon too. You have superpowers today that a generation ago would have been not only legendary, but even absurd.

What we call Google today, would have been called infinite knowledge and an amazing feat years past.

This are just illustrations to let you know, you have super powers and they are all within and around you, easily and cheaply accessible.
What you need now is superhero motivation. And that’s what you get by listening to the personal innovation podcast and subscribing for regular updates from my blog, and taking the necessary actions.

Hold on a bit. I hope what I am refering to as a supperhero is what you think it is. Theres more to being a superhero in todays social oriented world. but the good news is that it is simple.
Being good at your job is very good. You will earn enough to have a good living for yourself and perhaps for your family but am sorry that does not make you a superhero.
• Being popular on social media with lots of followers and likes does not make you a superhero neither. Many more people can do same with little or no efforts.
What makes you a hero is when you display the will for self-sacrifice in the face of adversity.
Heroism is when you stand up for someone else’s rights and lend your voice to a social cause or support something unpopular, When you risk your reputation for others. That is heroism
This is just few examples.
Frankly, before I can call you a celebrity, I need you to impact lives, literally living a dent on the universe. This will make you celebrated and respected.
You need to Drive passions and emotions to become a supper brand.
Awakening your superhero isn’t all about what you do for your self.
Awakening your superhero is about understanding what your capabilities and potentials are, so that you can be ever more effective when you seek to make a difference, when you choose to put others before you, when you make that sacrifice and embody what heroism is truly about.
You have to awaken yourselve – become a supper brand that drives passion and loyalty beyong measure. start the personal innovation journey and Do some thing for your brand today.
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Remember, We are in the Age of Personal Innovation.
We all have to become innovators of our own careers and lives. As The skills of yesterday might not be as important in five years and the technology we use today may be obsolete next year.
WE have to constantly evolve, adapt to new realities, be accountable for OURselves and think creatively if we want to survive.
Personal Innovation is defined as the ability to see new opportunities where others don’t, create new positions/careers that never existed, while undergoing continuous learning and adapting to economic change.

Be different, Stand out and shine to the world.

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