How Technology and the desire to impact got Benjamin Dzamesi to start High School Gh.

How Technology and the desire to impact got Benjamin Dzamesi to start High School Gh.

In this episode of your motivational personal innovation podcast,  I am glad to present to you Benjamin Dzamesi a Change Agent, Social Entrepreneur, Leadership Enthusiast and a Digital Tech Lover.

He is the Founder and Director of Graphics Media Hype and HighSchoolGh.Com.

He has over the past 8 years increased ROI on small to medium sized businesses in Ghana through local knowledge in the market and expertise.

He is keen to use new media and digital technology to empower and drive social & economic change among African youth.


His organisation: HighSchoolGh is a youth organisation connecting Ghanaian teens to relevant, useful and reliable information and resources to help them live better and healthier lifestyle, develop their voice to empower them become successful, prudent and independent individuals, entrepreneurs and change leaders in the society.

In our discussion Benjamin dropped tons of value as follows:

Passion: It is very important to be passionate about what you do. You must love what you do deeply. For start ups and young entrepreneurs this is very important in that it takes time for businesses to make profit so without passion, you are likely to give up immediately if the money isnt coming quickly as you thought.

Innovate yourself: innoavation is a continous process. We live in an ever changing world so you must learn to adapt, evolve and innovate to stay relevant in whatever business or social endeavour you undertake.

Social impact:

I believe the true purpose of us humans, is to help each other. Ensure that whatever you are doing benefits the world. There is a greater reward in this than the money that comes with it.

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