The Love Resolution Campaign

The Love Resolution Campaign

‘Love yourself and others will love you too’ 

We are happy to introduce to you; The Love Resolution Campaign with the theme: ‘love yourself and others will love you too. The Love Resolution Campaign is a series of blog posts,  intimate and honest conversations between Big Thinkers and some other very interesting activities like “Lets Meet and Grow”, (a community for expressing our love stories) that will make a difference in our lives. It is the new reality and our new way of life.

Now, if you are thinking; how will this work? How will it impacts my life positively? How will I make more money, make the right connections, clinch the best contracts by loving myself? I challenge you to be a part of this love Resolution and you will see the value.

The first open secrete, you need to know, is that people who will employ you, hire your services or want to really pay you more, mostly will like to know how much  love you have for your yourself first.

You are sure to get more just as you love yourself. Most successful and wealthy people you ever heard about all loved themselves first, then the success came knocking on their doors. Think about it. It is a fundamental principle of Personal Banding.

Successful supper Brands drive passion, excitement, and loyalty and that accounts for the gains they make.

Think about why you are so excited and passionate about that football club, that product and that celebrity. You love your football club and yes,  it’s just because the managers of that club and their players loved themselves and what they do so much that, it had an effect on you and now you can’t do without watching their matches, you buy their merchandise and they make more money. You can become a supper brand too. Start now by being a part of the love Resolution.

We call this a series of love stories, our true stories, not fiction but our reason for being. It is called a love story because it is how we fall in love with ourselves, discover our passions and now, we are hoping to inspire your love story too.

At this point, we must warn you, our love stories and yours  might not be all perfect stories, neither will these stories match the typical ‘and they live happily ever after’ stories full of red roses, soft whispers in the ears and candle lights. But they are our love stories.

Hope you will be inspired and empowered to succeed through this stories and start to write down your own love story too.

Above all, endeavour to start a conversation with us on how we can relive and rewrite our stories. We count on your readiness and support for this love Resolution Campaign.

If you are interested in this love Resolution Campaign join us.

You will receive in real time  love stories as, our members share them and will be able to comment and share your own experiences with us as well.

You are warmly welcome.

Remember to join our Facebook community here as well and also tweet at The facilitator of this campaign, SirEricSeyramA.

Send us your comments, suggestions and questions here.

Thank You.

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