The “why” of what you do matters to the world.

The “why” of what you do matters to the world.

Hello and welcome to the Personal Innovation Podcast with me Eric Seyram. This podcast is Brought to you by, the platform that ignites your Dreams, Passions, Careers and Impact.
I am optimistic that through this podcast and the other offers on , you will start thinking bigger about your personal brand and what you have to offer to your market in a unique and a more powerful way and as a result drive emotions, follower-ship, loyalty credibility, trust, likability, love, authority and above all earn a great deal of a living on your passion/ doing work you love.

In this Episode, I would like us to get into the “why of what you do because it matters to the world. why do you do what you do? why would people bother dealing with you or choose you over others?
Start thinking about why you do what you do today because it is what will resonate with your audience and hopefully push them to love you and want to work with you.

No matter who you are and what you do, your ‘why’ matters to the world. it is what will inspire your passion. It is the little bell that rings within your heart, that pushes you to wake up every morning pumped and active through out the day and do awesome work. it is how you will change the world.

For our learning purposes today, let us get into my “why” and you will understand what am talking about.
You see, What I do today, has been born from my personal experience and resolution to engage more in self love, live my dreams, live a fulfilling life and make a change in the world.

Some few years ago, when searching for fulfilment in my career and life. I Started a business that failed because my “why” wasn’t accurately defined, My company changed focus several times.

What started as a career development firm, changed into a business support firm, became a marketing and brands consulting firm, then became an artists management, celebrity branding business and a record label then into an education marketing firm- selling UK qualifications in Ghana. You see the multiple ventures got us to lose focus, made unguided investments decisions and unnecessary recruitments resulting in a decline in our return on investments and even subsequently to our closure.

Thankfully, today we have rebranded as a social enterprise offering Human capital development and education support services which is actually where it all began: “Career development- right?”. Also this is why I founded the Personal Innovation Hub with a focus on the human side of branding.

This renewed focus began because I started to ask my self “who am I ? why do I do what I do, and how does it matter to the world?”.

The results of these introspection has been massively revealing and I woke up to a new reality that thinking bigger about who we are and why we do what we do is the only way we can leave our dreams and change the world.
Today if you ask me, what I will tell you is;

“I am a dreamer and a believer in dreams- no matter how small, with a big thinking mind, always learning to grow and an extra-large, compassionate heart that is all for you; because I yearn to see you grow, stand out and shine to the world. Differentiate Your Self, Be Valuable and Live Your Life as a love story”


You see this is my elevator pitch. My Why, My what I do and What I want for people around me.


Today I am committed to looking deep within and around me to find what I call “love stories” stories of people living a fulfilling life and impacting the world with what they do, that I can share with the world.


I call it the love resolution campaign. – ‘Love yourself and others will love you too’

This is the principal foundation on which the Personal Innovation Hub is Built.


The Love Resolution Campaign is a series of blog posts, Podcasts, intimate and honest conversations with Big Thinkers and dreamers like you, and some other very interesting activities like “Lets Meet and Grow”, (a community for finding and expressing our love stories), Careers Pathfinder, Corporate Interact, that will make a difference in our lives. It is the new reality and our new way of life.


The Personal Innovation Hub is all about igniting Dreams, Passions, Careers and Social Impact.

It is a community and a platform  for people who are yearning to leave a dent on the Universe.

In fact, we believe that, the formula for success in life is dreaming bigger, being passionate about your dreams, creating a career out of it and using it to impact the world.


We hereby, wish to welcome you into the fraternity of Big thinkers and dreamers aiming to change the world by doing work they love.
This has been your motivational personal innovation podcast with me Eric Seyram, bought to you by
My Passion has always been about empowering you to succeed, through my coaching, consulting, public speaking and the products, resources and other services on the It has and will always continue to be about you.
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Stand out and shine to the world.

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