Tips for Branding Yourself on SlideShare

Tips for Branding Yourself on SlideShare

Coke. Nike. Google. Louis Vuitton. And you.

Just as big companies brand themselves, it’s just as important that you create an identifiable name for yourself, too, these days. What do you stand for, and how will you share it with the world?

Matthew Capala, head of search and inbound marketing at Profero, shares 7 tips on Medium for utilizing SlideShare to strengthen your personal brand.  ”It is also a great medium for introverts interested in self-promotion because you don’t need to get in front of the camera or a big audience,” he says. His No. 1 tip? “It’s all about the storytelling.”

More advice from Capala on creating a SlideShare for personal branding:

– Ditch the Job Title: Your job title should never be the first thing you mention — first answer how you can help others, he says. “Powerhouse brands weave an enchanting story around how the brand can benefit individuals. Be the benefit.”

– Create a Slogan: Big brands have one; so should you. Your slogan — what best describes you and how you can be of service to others — should be the centerpiece of your SlideShare. Make it something people can connect with.

– Go Off-Topic: Speaking of connection, people connect best with other people they can relate to. Post something about yourself unrelated to business, whether it be a favorite hobby or interesting skill.


Read his full article on Medium: “7 Proven Tips for Using SlideShare for Personal Branding”

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