Sir Eric Seyram A is a passionate Professional Speaker, Workshop and Seminar facilitator in the areas of Personal Innovation and Branding, Corporate Reputation Management, Strategic Marketing Communications, SME (Small Budget Marketing) and Social Entrepreneurship.

Eric is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver.

With a combination of years of entrepreneurial experience, coupled with a ‘No BS’ attitude to getting things done, Eric is as energetic on stage, as he is empathetic towards business owners and entrepreneurs in general.

Well aware of how brutal it is to sit in an audience, listening to some ‘expert’ waffle on, as they prance around the stage, Eric makes sure to keep things entertaining and interactive, by keeping all of his presentations up-to-date and regularly going down into the crowd and interacting with attendees directly.

His approach is simple: He is an instigator of thoughts.

“When you book me to speak at one of your events, you can be sure that you won’t get just a generic speaking topic. Instead, you’ll get actionable questions that everyone can take part in, learn from, and take away for their own organization.”

Eric is a master at tailoring his presentations to the specific needs of your audience and addresses relevant trends and offers powerful guidance to help you:

His delivery objectives are to;

  • Empower audiences to take positive action.
  • Provide current and emerging technologies, business models and strategies that will have the biggest impact on your industry.
  • Teach how to creatively apply these technologies to create strategic value and competitive advantage.
  • Guide you on how to leverage the skills and talents within your organization in new ways.
  • Empower you to use new tools to change the rules of your industry with honesty and integrity.
  • Inspire powerful personal strategies for shaping your future.

Eric is available to speak for your organization or business needs in a more intimate setting. This can be at your offices, selected offsite location or via a webinar – the choice is yours.

If you’re interested in having Him speak at your next event, simply contact him directly by using the form below to send your details and speaking requirements, to and we will be in touch shortly.

Here are some Special Packages

Personal/ Innovation Branding for Organizations

Today, your organization must innovate to be successful. Innovation comes from creativity and creativity comes from diversity. And when we think about diversity, we focus on the unique ingredient each employee can contribute to the organization’s objectives. Helping your employees unearth what makes them exceptional and apply that to the work at hand ensures they are motivated, fulfilled and engaged. In the new world of work, it’s not about getting the most from each employee; it’s about getting the best.

I am passionate about human potential and have developed one-of-a-kind offerings to help today’s organizations harness the value of their employees to ensure competitive advantage and drive business results.

I help senior executives build their personal brands.
I motivate your employees to deliver on your brand promise in a way that is authentic to them.
I make your sales executives more effective by helping them leverage their strengths.
I help build corporate branding and marketing strategies to help you meet your brand-building and revenue generation goals.
I develop custom talent development programs focused on reaching your strategic objectives.

Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars

My keynotes and workshops – which can be delivered live internally or organized externally – are designed to drive long lasting value for your business. I get to know your company and objectives and customize my materials to meet your needs.

One or Group Personal Branding coaching

One of the challenges Talent Development Executives experience is ensuring that learning is turned into action. All too often, employees who are inspired during a live workshop or webinar go back to work with all good intentions of applying what they have learned; yet they return to their routine before behaviour change sets in.

My coaching service solves this by reinforcing learning over several months. Through an interactive and friendly individual coaching and a series of exercises, quizzes and learning plans, participants deepen learning and apply it over time. They learn on their schedule in a way that is most effective for them. This provides a high return on your training investment – ensuring learning turns into action.

Personal Brand Coaching can be combined with live workshops, online learning and assessments to provide a truly comprehensive and powerful development experience for your people.

Personal Brand Assessment and Analysis

This is a highly proven and efficient Personal Brand Assessment and Analysis methodology. It enables participants to understand their reputation, unearth their strengths and create action plans to enhance their effectiveness and success. Unlike many corporate assessments, this is focused on development – not appraisal. It’s innovative, insightful and most importantly, actionable.