Using Social Media for Personal Branding.

Using Social Media for Personal Branding.
social media updateIncrease your social marketing by updating your social profile Networking is an important part of an individual’s success in the marketing and branding industry. With the development of social media, professional networking is not limited anymore to personal meetings, phone calls or correspondence; it has extended to the online world. As such, it is important to create and maintain a social media profile across all the platforms available.

Keeping Up with Your Social Media Profiles

We reveal much information about ourselves on social media, sometimes without intentionally meaning to. For this reason, social media profiles should not be overlooked since this is the first set of information that will give people a glimpse about your company or your personal brand. An impressive social media profile is one of the things that will draw you closer to your targeted audience. But having an impressive profile does not mean writing one and leaving it at that. There will always be some information that you shared in the past that becomes irrelevant. You need to constantly update your profile to hold the attention of your audience, and to let you stay visible on search engine results.

Here are some of the tips to keep your profiles updated:

Upload a new profile picture

According to Forbes magazine, users with a profile picture are “seven times more likely to be viewed than users without one.” It is important to keep your profile picture up to date, and it should reflect the image that you want to present. You must look approachable, presentable, and professional in your photos. Avoid using a personal photo, like at a party, even if you look great in that shot. People might have a different reception about that picture and it might illicit a negative response. An updated profile picture is a great way to represent what people will see in case they meet you in person.

Update vital information

It is time to refresh your information especially if you haven’t done it in the two or three years. 

Be sure that you are keeping on top of life changes, current job descriptions, and other relevant content. Remember that change is inevitable and what was significant in the past may not be so now. See to it that your profile is consistent with your professional and personal brand. If you do not have the time to update all your social media accounts, use tools such as that will automatically update them for you. allows you to create a compelling personal brand that engages your audience. Creating and managing your online presence is a tedious task, especially where you have several social media accounts. With, the process of sharing information is streamlined and made simple since it is the first portable online digital biography application that can be used on multiple platforms all around the web.

Users will have a single profile that they can share via email or embed to their own and others’ websites. They can customize their pages and include photos, videos, or documents that are relevant to their brand. The best thing about is that it immediately updates information across all the platforms whenever you perform updates. It relieves its users the stress of logging in to all the sites where they posted their personal information to edit them. With, you have a tool to build and maintain a consistent and strong brand reputation.

Google yourself

This may sound vain but it is an easy way to manage your brand’s reputation. You will see the kind of information that is readily available to the world. Remember that this is the digital age and it has become a necessity for people to use the Internet to look up personal information. Focus on the top results once you search. In case you find any controversial information about your person, take steps to address it before it gets out of hand.

Check your privacy settings

Social media sites have adjusted their privacy settings over the years and it might be possible that yours is outdated, especially if you haven’t tweaked your profile since you created it. This is the time to adjust the type of content that people can access when they visit your profile. It is important especially when you maintain a single account for your personal and professional life. You can ask friends or colleagues to check out the profile for feedback. You also have the ability to turn off public search in privacy settings. This will prevent your page from appearing on any search engine. Lastly, you can limit access to your old posts. This gives you control over who gets access to your profile especially when you are creating new networks.

Remove compromising photos or posts

Scan through your profile page and check out photos that you do not want others to see. You can also change the settings in your profile to prevent others from tagging you or your pictures without your permission. This helps you monitor what can only be shared publicly. In line with this, delete posts that you deem offensive or harmful to your personal brand. Posts that are irrelevant to the image that you want to project should be deleted.

Social media is a great tool to market your personal brand if used correctly. Hence, it is important to create a profile and keep it updated consistently. We hope these tips help. Do you have other ways to freshen up a boring, out-of-date social profile?

Maria Elena Duron, CEO (chief engagement officer), buzz2bucks | a word of mouth marketing firm, is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz, she facilitates online visibility services and word of mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy.

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