What is Personal Innovation?

What is Personal Innovation?

Hello lovely people. Welcome to your motivational personal Innovation Podcast with me Eric Seyram.

On this episode we shall go back to the basics.
You may be wondering why I have founded the Personal Innovation Hub, why I manage the, why this podcast is called the Personal Innovation Podcast? Why I call myself a Personal Innovation Advocate / Evangelist and Coach.

What is all this talk about Personal innovation?

Well, it is not a new term, I just have decided to give it prominence because of how relevant it is for our day and time.

If you have followed me a bit you will realise I am committing my whole life and career to preaching the good news about personal innovation. and I think it is crucial we first of all understand what the whole concept of personal innovation is.

I tell you, We are in the Age of Personal Innovation.
We all need to possess the ability to see new opportunities where others don’t, create new positions/careers that never existed, while undergoing continuous learning and adapting to economic change.

Change they say in inevitable and change is happening every where.
It is becoming more and more imperative for us all to stay educated, connected and confident despite the economic shifts and be able to come up with solutions to new problems that might not exist yet.
Personal innovation is about critical thinking, problem solving and aligning your interests with the current and future market needs.
Ok, let me break it down.

Most of us are used to engaging in personal and career development. The term development is a good thing, it helps us start from no where to some where, it helps us create and build on what we have. but it has become the normal way of life, “you go to school, you get a job and you work hard to climb up the corporate ladder.” things don’t always work like that any more.

Today, life has become so complex, the job market is very competitive and the business world is more volatile and unpredictable than ever before.

We need a new strategic, competitive and a cutting edge approach to life, our careers and business. and that is where personal innovation comes in.

Personal Innovation picks up where personal development left off.  Personal innovation is about rethinking the ways you do things on a daily basis, so we can improve with each passing day.

Maybe you have applied some personal development into your life and career, but as the times changes, what got you successful before might not work for the future.

We live in different times and by making a commitment to personal innovation, to recreate yourself and make yourself a better person than you were yesterday, a month ago, or a year ago, will enable you to continue to achieve more success and take personal development to the next level.

These are the basic principles behind personal innovation.

You see, the term “innovation” speaks for its self:

Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something or “ a new stuff that is made useful.

Innovation is,
• origination: the act or process of inventing or introducing something new
• a new idea or method: a new invention or way of doing something

Some Synonyms of innovation are: novelty, invention, revolution, origination, modernization, improvement, and advancement.

So as you can see the word innovation itself is about doing something new, its about fresh ideas, improvement and advancement.

Personal development is a good approach for many to apply to their lives and careers in order to improve, but it is important to look for innovative ways to re-energize your development by looking at innovative ways to improve upon what you already have set in place. Innovate your personal development today.

Personal Innovation is about innovating yourself and making yourself better at whatever it is you do. Are you a lawyer, an accountant, a marketer, a teacher, a doctor, how different and novel are you in what you do?

If you have customers, and they are currently happy, take it to the next level and just wow them with more, if you think you have reached a comfortable level of success, push yourself to grow even further.

Just like technology and products, without innovation you may risk being left behind as others realise the importance of innovation and does something about it.

Today I want you to look at things with a fresh set of eyes and be aware of the changes and trends in your industry, profession and innovate to prepare yourself for the next level of development on a personal level.

This has been your favourite personal innovation podcast with me Eric Seyram.

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Go on, differentiate your self, be more valuable and live your life as a love story.

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