Why You Must Stop living a comfortable life and live a passionate life.

Why You Must Stop living a comfortable life and live a passionate life.

Hello and welcome to the Personal Innovation Podcast with me Eric Seyram. This podcast is Brought to you by, the platform that ignites your Dreams, Passions, Careers and Impact. This Podcast is committed to getting you to think bigger about who you are, what you do and how you can impact the world in a unique way.

In this episode I want us to think about some few questions.
Do you want a Comfortable or a Passionate life? What is a fulfilling life to you? What does success mean to you?

The industrial economy got us all thinking about jobs that uses our physical energy to create things and move goods from production to consumers. Work for life means doing same work; perhaps at that same organisation till retirement.

For the average worker, high performance is judged by how many goods are produced or moved from one place to the other. We get paid based on this measure and the more productive you can get the higher you earn. The more time and effort you dedicate to that one task, the better your earnings.
So in the production era, success is about working hard now, so you can have what you want to have in life in the future and once you have all you wanted; only then can you be happy and enjoy your life as though it is a retirement benefit.

Good life is always just a dream. People aspire to get there one day. Maslow call it; “self actualisation” which comes at the top of the pyramid after you have satisfied all other wants and needs.

We know this doesn’t work today, because we often do not have enough, and our goals will always increase and we will always want more. I personally believe self actualisation is a matter of knowing who you are, and why you exists on this earth. it is about living a passionate life. Self actualisation should not happen only at old age but should be experienced through out life.

It is unfortunate, many people do all kinds of works today, even if it is not what they wanted or are passionate about, because of the pay at the end of the month. They dedicate all time and effort to that work; sometimes to the detriment of other aspects of their lives, such as family, health and personal development; so that their earning can provide a comfortable life. Living a comfortable life to many today is defined by property ownership.

Well, that job pays well and you can afford all you wanted but are you happy with your life?
How will you answer the question; why do you do what you do?
Your why is what will help you leave a mark on the universe and be appreciated.

Think about your job today;
Are you able to put in your unique identity and persona or you are just a part of the production system churning out goods for consumption?

In this new world, we should be able to live our lives as love stories, achieve self actualisation even as we continue to live life. We do not need to pack enjoying life till later, after we worked hard to acquire all we wanted.

Today, if you work because you have to, then you are at the wrong place but if you work because you want to, then you are following your passion and you will live your life as a love story.
In todays knowledge economy and socially conscious world, what you need to think about is what impact your career makes on people around you.

I have another question for you;
What do you currently do, Does what you do express who you are? and are you excited about it? If you feel like a square peg in a round hole, you will need to quit that job and find and follow your passion.

You see, the problem is, most people get to the pinnacle of their careers and later realise the career ladder they have worked hard all their life to climb is leaned against the wrong wall, and then they regret, hate their lives, and resort to all kinds of unwanted lifestyles.

Today I want you to lean your ladder against the right wall. Pursue dreams, become passionate about them, transform them into careers and change the world with it. it is what I call personal innovation. it is what living a passionate life is all about.

Ask your self ; “what is within you that needs to be brought into the world through your work? “
Most of our awake time is spent at work, we work more than we sleep. As humans we are not finished products, we are surely, work in progress. I believe our personal development and progression in life should mostly be through our careers and if we will leave a dent on this universe, it will also be through these same passions and careers.

If your career doesn’t allow for these, Start thinking about how you can turn that work into an avenue of self development and social impact.

If you are an employee or an entrepreneur, it is important not to think about what you produce for your company but what you are being produced into, how you are transformed and how this transformation is changing other people’s lives too.

Today I want you to Stop conforming to other peoples expectations and start performing to your own level of expectation. Belief in your self and every one else in the world will belief in you. No one’s opinion of you can be come your reality. In odder to change your reality, you need to change your mentality.

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