Why your smallest dream matters to the world.

Why your smallest dream matters to the world.

In this episode I want to tell you: Why your smallest dream matters to the world.
I believe in dreams no matter how small. This believe comes from the innovative concept of the “economy of Unscale” . I believe today, Small is the new Big and no matter how small your dream, the world can create a path for your success, so you can shine to the world and live your life as a love story.


Yes I know you always hear about, “economy of scale” and how good it is to be big and be able to swallow up the small guys, rule the world, Dictate the pace of the game, taking all there is to be taken.


The concept of Economy of scale propels companies to strive to expand, develop and penetrate into new markets and geographical territories. It is what gives them competitive advantage over the small scale organisations who also continues to complain about how lean, resource constrained and cash trapped they are. Start up entrepreneurs would often say “ if only we had the size and strength of that multinational organisation” and They end up fighting a lost battle, because it is “survival of the fittest”.

I tell you today, the tide is about to turn and has even already started. This is evidenced from a series of breakthrough technologies, discoveries and new business models that are making the old rule of “bigger is better” an obsolete philosophy.


By exploiting the vast (but cheap) audience afforded by the Internet, and taking advantage of a host of emerging, innovative and cutting edge business models , small becomes the new big.
A small business in a little corner of the world can be heard loud and clear in every nook and cranny of the world, and every Tom, Dick and Harry would love to do business with them no matter the geographical barriers.


All that matters today is creating a solution to the world’s problems and once it resonates with the world, you can go places.


The global business environment is decomposing into smaller yet more profitable markets, so businesses can no longer rely on scaling up to compete, but must instead embrace a new “economies of Unscale.”


This is same with your personal development; your career and life. It is why you must embark on personal innovation; thinking bigger about who you are, what you do and how you can impact the world in a unique way.
Think of yourself as a brand today. Magnify your dreams no matter how small it is, be passionate about it, turn it into a career and use it to leave a dent on the universe.
It is the start of living your life as a love story. You can achieve what big corporations achieve just with your personal brand and of course at a lower operation cost. just as they would if they had economies of scale.
Let the concept of “economy of unscale” become real in your life today.
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